Ogichidaa Manidoo Jiimaan Babaamaadiziwan

Warrior Spirit Canoe Journey Information for this article was provided by Waawaashkeshii Nini (Luke Rouillard) and written by Philip Martin. Quotations are from Waawaashkeshii Nini’s emails. On June 10, Waawaashkeshii Nini, Gegek-Waatig (hawk staff) and Jiimaan (canoe) will begin paddling on a Ceremonial Canoe Journey along the Grand River, from Caledonia to Cambridge. They planContinue reading “Ogichidaa Manidoo Jiimaan Babaamaadiziwan”

Grand River Haiku: January Reflections Along The River

By Philip Martin At the recent dawning of the New Year I wondered: In the midst of this pandemic, in the cold of light-deprived January, what would happen if I went to the river every day? I love taking pictures and I thought this photography could help me note small and large changes in theContinue reading “Grand River Haiku: January Reflections Along The River”

Nga’ zichigee, nibi onjii: We do it for the water

By Mary Anne Caibaiosai Boozhoo Nindawemaganidoog! Nodin Ikwe Ndizhnikaaz. Mukwa ndodem. Wiikwemkoong Manido Minising ndoonjibaa. E-kinomaagaziid ndaaw. My English name is Mary Anne Caibaiosai and I am the lead for the All Nations Grand River Water Walk. I began this journey after I walked with the late Josephine Mandamin; our first Anishnaabe water walker whoContinue reading “Nga’ zichigee, nibi onjii: We do it for the water”

Lessons From The Water Walk

By Shirley Lynn Martin I have the honour of helping organize and also participate in the All Nations Grand River Water Walk from its inception to our upcoming walk in September 2020.  A great many gifts have come to me in being of service to the water, specifically to the Grand River—gifts that have becomeContinue reading “Lessons From The Water Walk”

A River Runs Through Me: From Wandering Stranger To Sacred Presence

By Philip Martin For much of my life the Grand River has been a wandering stranger.  I knew the river existed, and would occasionally nod to its beauty while riding my bike along its shores or dipping my body in the coolness of the Kauffman flats.  But I did not know the river as aContinue reading “A River Runs Through Me: From Wandering Stranger To Sacred Presence”