The Grand River is home to more than just people. The Grand River Conservation Authority has documented an amazing array of animal species who share this habitat around the river: 2418 insects, 307 birds, 203 spiders, 92 fishes, 48 mussels, 47 mammals, 23 reptiles and 20 amphibians.

What animals around the Grand River have caught your attention? I pay a lot of attention to birds. But one bird, the belted kingfisher, makes my heart smile every time I hear it chattering away, and whenever I see a kingfisher I experience a rush of recognition and thanksgiving. What animal makes your heart smile? Who makes the hair on the back of your neck rise? Which creature have you been most surprised to encounter? Tell us your stories.

2 thoughts on “Animals

  1. On the Grand yesterday and saw lots of Mergansers and an animal from the weasel family that scurried up the hill.
    The mergansers must be passing through on a migration north


  2. I have seen mergansers on the river all winter. I don’t know if it is normal for them to winter here, but they were regulars on the stretch of river between Bridgeport and Breslau.


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