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Ogichidaa Manidoo Jiimaan Babaamaadiziwan

Warrior Spirit Canoe Journey Information for this article was provided by Waawaashkeshii Nini (Luke Rouillard) and written by Philip Martin. Quotations and photos are from Waawaashkeshii Nini’s emails and facebook pages. On June 10, Waawaashkeshii Nini, Gegek-Waatig (hawk staff) and Jiimaan (canoe) will begin paddling on a Ceremonial Canoe Journey along the Grand River, fromContinue reading “Ogichidaa Manidoo Jiimaan Babaamaadiziwan”

Nga’ zichigee, nibi onjii: We do it for the water

By Mary Anne Caibaiosai Boozhoo Nindawemaganidoog! Nodin Ikwe Ndizhnikaaz. Mukwa ndodem. Wiikwemkoong Manido Minising ndoonjibaa. E-kinomaagaziid ndaaw. My English name is Mary Anne Caibaiosai and I am the lead for the All Nations Grand River Water Walk. I began this journey after I walked with the late Josephine Mandamin; our first Anishnaabe water walker whoContinue reading “Nga’ zichigee, nibi onjii: We do it for the water”

White Egret

By John De Boer After I took several pictures of this Great Egret fishing in the Grand River, I noticed he had aquatic weeds wrapped around his neck. Then, with a few flaps of his majestic wings he landed on this shoal, where he tried to pull the weeds off with his beak.  To seeContinue reading “White Egret”

A River of Junk?

By John de Boer My passion for rivers began in my childhood days when my family lived on a farm in Embro. A creek flowed through the property where I spent many carefree days exploring and observing wildlife. It was there that I discovered a huge, grey bird, with long legs, struggling to fly awayContinue reading “A River of Junk?”

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