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Nga’ zichigee, nibi onjii: We do it for the water

By Mary Anne Caibaiosai Boozhoo Nindawemaganidoog! Nodin Ikwe Ndizhnikaaz. Mukwa ndodem. Wiikwemkoong Manido Minising ndoonjibaa. E-kinomaagaziid ndaaw. My English name is Mary Anne Caibaiosai and I am the lead for the All Nations Grand River Water Walk. I began this journey after I walked with the late Josephine Mandamin; our first Anishnaabe water walker whoContinue reading “Nga’ zichigee, nibi onjii: We do it for the water”

White Egret

By John De Boer After I took several pictures of this Great Egret fishing in the Grand River, I noticed he had aquatic weeds wrapped around his neck. Then, with a few flaps of his majestic wings he landed on this shoal, where he tried to pull the weeds off with his beak.  To seeContinue reading “White Egret”

A River of Junk?

By John de Boer My passion for rivers began in my childhood days when my family lived on a farm in Embro. A creek flowed through the property where I spent many carefree days exploring and observing wildlife. It was there that I discovered a huge, grey bird, with long legs, struggling to fly awayContinue reading “A River of Junk?”

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