Two Row on the Grand

Two Row on the Grand is an annual symbolic enactment of the Two Row Wampum Treaty, which was originally signed by the Mohawks and the Dutch around 1613.

[This treaty] states that both nations will travel down the river of life in peace together— the Dutch in their ships and the Mohawks in their canoes. Further, each would have their own laws, values, and cultures, and would not try to ‘‘steer each other’s boat’’… tell each other how to live. The Two Row Wampum is the basis for all the treaties that followed.

From Two Row on the Grand website:

Since 2016, Two Row on the Grand has sponsored an annual nine-day canoe trip down the Grand River, from Cambridge to Port Maitland.

We will paddle in Two Rows  when possible – one Indigenous row, and one ally row – to demonstrate the simple concept of the Two Row Wampum Treaty. Our teachings say to paddle down the “river of life” on parallel paths, as friends close enough to help each other, but not so close as to disrupt each other’s path.

Together, we will share the river, campgrounds, meals, educational events, traditional teachings, interactive dancing, storytelling, and sharing circles.

From Two Row on the Grand website:

For many participants, Two Row on the Grand has been a challenging, wonderful, and sometimes transformational experience. We invite you to tell your story.

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