A Grand Invitation

The Grand River Watershed is teeming with life! 

Over 985,000 people live here.  But that’s not all.  On its website, The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) catalogues an astonishing number of local species:

  • 2418 insects
  • 2030 plants
  • 500 fungi
  • 307 birds
  • 203 spiders
  • 92 fishes
  • 48 mussels
  • 47 mammals
  • 23 reptiles
  • 20 amphibians

With all this life, the Grand River Watershed is also teeming with stories!

This site is dedicated to creating a circle of storytelling around the Grand River.  Our circle is animated by two big questions:

“What does the Grand River mean to you?”

“What do you mean to the Grand River?”

Answers to the first question flow from our love for the river.  What do we like to do alongside this water?  How has this river shaped us?  For what are we most thankful?

Answers to the second question flow more from our concern for the river.  How can a million people live in harmony with all of life in this watershed?  How can we honour treaties and agreements that were made with the Haudenosaunee and Anishnawbe peoples along this river?   Are you being called to do something to preserve and enhance life in this ecosystem?

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